Efficient and high-quality insulation solutions
Sealing surfaces as easily and quickly as possible

Thermal, acoustic and sealing insulations based on polyurethane resins are systems that offer the possibility to seal surfaces as easily and quickly as possible. Insulations based on polyaspartic, polyurethane or polyurea resins are very resistant and durable in both time and in weather conditions. We are looking for new solutions to adapt to customer needs by expanding the offer and discovering as many ways to apply polyurethanes.




With the help of a high-pressure spraying device, the sprayed foam is intended to completely insulate the spaces between the materials, without welding or other procedures. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor constructions. 

Where to use it

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation: attics, ceilings, roofs, walls, floors, foundations
  • Construction: dwellings, public buildings, industrial buildings, agricultural buildings and warehouses

Molding / Injection

Rigid polyurethane foam can also be inserted by the method of casting or injection, a method that easily solves the problem of filling difficult surfaces. It can be processed by manual or automated methods.

Where to use it

  • Thermal insulation: industrial installations, refrigerated furniture, doors and window profiles, boilers, automobiles, naval industry etc.
  • Production of cast elements: utilitarian (beehives, masonry trowels, etc.), ornamental (ornaments, ceiling and wall decorations).


Polyurethane adhesives are characterized by excellent adhesion, high strength and a combination of considerable flexibility with hardness and unique welding properties. Welding is resistant to water, chemicals and biological factors. Polyurethane adhesives are used without solvents and primers so that they can be used for gluing materials that are not resistant to chemicals. Some of the polyurethane adhesives have a great advantage, they can be used for gluing wet surfaces.


Solvent-free polyurethane adhesives are mainly used in construction, the refrigeration industry, automobiles and shipbuilding. Polyurethane adhesives can be applied manually or mechanically by means of a gun, extruder, cylindrical applicator, or by means of an automatic line by continuous gluing.


EKO 14

Properties and applications: EKO 14 adhesive is intended for gluing polystyrene, mineral wool and fiberglass, PUR foam, cardboard, ODB plywood with materials such as sheet metal, asphalt cardboard, concrete slabs, wood and other construction substrates. The adhesives can be used for gluing multilayer and laminated boards. Curing the adhesive under normal conditions is done after 24 hours.



Group of one-component, solvent-free adhesives reinforced by moisture in air or glued materials. They are used for gluing insulating materials during thermal insulation of roofs. At room temperature and maintaining adequate humidity, the initial strength of the joint is obtained after 24 hours. Water vapor spraying reduces the curing time to 8-12h.


Properties and applications: DECO 10 adhesive is intended for gluing laminated sandwich panels with hard mineral wool core. The adhesive has a high adhesion, which prevents leakage and facilitates the adhesion of vertical and inclined surfaces. The product has excellent properties of welding polystyrene, polyurethane foam and other porous and fibrous materials on concrete, steel, wood and gypsum surfaces. Under normal conditions the adhesive hardens after 24 hours, in presses heated to 60 degrees C, the time is reduced from 10 to 15 minutes.


Group of one-component, solvent-free adhesives reinforced by moisture in the air or glued materials. Adhesives with different variants of time and viscosity, which allows the selection of the best product for concrete use and processing conditions.


Properties and applications: DECO ZN adhesives intended for gluing thermal insulation materials, such as polystyrene, mineral wool, PUR foam etc., used for construction and industrial purposes: laminated and galvanized steel sheet, stainless, wood, concrete, porous ceramic layers, gypsum boards, fiber plywood etc.


Properties and applications: DECO PVC adhesives for gluing PVC elements with polystyrene, mineral wool, PUR foam. The adhesive is intended for gluing door fillers and sticks perfectly to other insulating materials with metal faces, asphalt cardboard, concrete plywood, wood. Under normal environmental conditions the reaction time begins after 40-60 minutes, and the curing process requires 8-12 hours.


Properties and applications: DECO ZM adhesive is designed for gluing elastic foams with fibrous material. Thanks to its low viscosity, the adhesive is ideally applied to glued materials and provides an elastic, indestructible joint during use.


Properties and applications: DECO S is an adhesive that is used as a binder for mineral aggregates and rubber granules for the production of sports surfaces. It hardens by reacting with moisture in the air and glued materials. During the bonding process, the binder formed can increase its volume several times. After gluing, the adhesive forms an elastic binder, resistant to temperatures from -40 to +80 degrees C.


DiPUR 30 /31

Polyurethane adhesives with two special components with fast curing for the production of sandwich laminated panels with polystyrene core or mineral wool. These adhesives are used on automatic lines.

DiPUR 503/ 512/ 522

Properties and applications: Two-component polyurethane adhesives are characterized by a constant volume of the curing binder and a high content of high quality mineral filler that improves the physical, thermal, fireproof and mechanical properties of the joint. Thixotropic properties of DiPUR 522 adhesives are ideal for all repair and assembly work because they do not leak to vertical and inclined surfaces. Adhesives are used to correct multilayer elements in construction, the refrigeration industry and the automotive industry. They also find use in different constructions as well as in the elements that after gluing are subjected to heat treatment.


Properties and applications: Polyurethane adhesives, diatomic-polyurethane adhesives, phenolic adhesives, phenolic foams, intended for hardening of masses, hardening of floors with beams and for filling cracks in buildings and concrete constructions.



Properties and applications: One-component polyurethane adhesive DEKO PARKIET is intended for gluing different parquet: traditional parquet, parquet wood, exotic wood parquet. The adhesive is suitable for concrete, stone, wood and metal surfaces. Due to its flexibility, the binder has phonic insulation properties. 


Properties and applications: DiPUR PARKIET two-component polyurethane adhesive for all types of parquet, including beech, maple and exotic wood. The adhesive does not contain solvents or water, so it can be used for gluing moisture-sensitive wood. DiPUR PARKIET has very good adhesion to all substrates encountered. After curing, the adhesive provides durability and flexibility of the binder.


  • Low pressure fitting foam with wide application spectrum and short drying time. 
  • It hardens under the influence of moisture in the air and the substrate on which it was applied. 
  • Fitting foam with regular fine cell structure, which provides excellent thermal and sound insulation, suitable for horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Fitting foam with high expansion, high efficiency, low water absorption, compact structure, uniform and composed of fine cells, as well as excellent adhesion to ordinary building materials.


Characteristics: it is characterized by elasticity, fast growth, regular surface and excellent adhesion on vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Working temperature: for PUROTAN SUMMER from +5 to 30 degrees Celsius and for PUROTAN WINTER from -10 to +30 degrees C.


Features: It is characterized by a short drying time, which allows fast processing.

Working temperature from -10 to +25 degrees Celsius up to 45l.


Characteristics: the foam is characterized by low water absorption, compact, uniform cell structure. It is a low pressure foam with a high capacity of up to 60l. Working temperature – 10 to +30 degrees C.


Properties and applications: Aerosol cleaning spray Aerosol cleaning spray for cleaning guns used in the application of fitting foam and the removal of fresh dry dirt from foam and polyurethane adhesive, surface, and tools and hands.


Adhesive for insulation systems

Properties and applications: STYRPUR polyurethane adhesive designed for fixing polystyrene boards to thermal insulation systems, window sills, filling cracks in thermal insulation. The adhesive has excellent adhesion for the following materials: concrete, plaster


Properties and applications: You can find rigid foam type PUR and PIR for thermal and refrigeration insulation with densities of: 32, 40, 60, 80, 120, 200 kg / m3, self-extinguishing, with a working temperature from 196 to 200 Celsius degrees. Rigid polyurethane foam insulation can occur in the form of: blocks, plates, coatings and fittings. There is the possibility of cutting casings for pipes, bends, tanks, cisterns, heat exchangers and technological equipment. The production method allows the use of insulation elements of any diameter, thickness and different shapes. The production method allows the use of insulation elements of any diameter, thickness, shape.

Thermal insulation – POLYURETHANE boards

TPlates for use in construction, with thermal insulation properties, cut from rigid foam blocks
Viscosity: between 33 – 200 kg / m3

POLYURETHANE Pipe coating systems

Thermal insulation coatings used in construction and industry, from rigid foam blocks
Viscosity: between 33 – 200 kg / m3



Properties and applications: We offer polyester and polyether shoe systems. Thanks to the diversified composition of polyol and specially selected prepolymers, we offer systems for all types of products with soles. We offer systems for the production of winter soles, resistance to bending, low temperatures, for slippers, soles for sewing, for work shoes, high soles and others. We also offer technological assistance.


Properties and applications: Urethane microporous elastomers (MEU) are obtained from two-component polyurethane systems (PUREX EPI and ORTO PUREX). The systems are characterized by abrasion resistance, maintaining a low density, high thermal insulation properties, resistance to bending and ease of surface and mass painting. From the systems offered, components can be produced for saddles, backrests, office seats, armrests, bumpers, spoilers, rubber guards and orthopedic elements, car filters, police sticks, roller for painting the interior elements of cars and construction cars.


Properties and use: These systems are used for the production of foam systems in the furniture, automotive and railway industries.


Properties and use: systems for pouring solid elements, from elastomers, cold, for the production of elements with high mechanical requirements, such as bumpers, grilles, slats.